COST B25.003

(2006 - 2009, International project, European level)
"Pleiotropic effect of hypolipidemics"
Comparison of effects of hypolipidemic drugs and of natural substances (e.g. silymarin) on lipid metabolism, and its regulation (PPA Receptors, Liver X Receptors, Cytochromes P450).

Coordinator: Anzenbacher
Coworkers: Večeřa, Orolin
Collaboration: prof. Meyer (U. Basel, CH), ing. Kazdová (Praha)

COST 861.001

(2006 - 2009, International project, European level)
"Pig enzymes of biotransformation"
Pig liver proteome contains many forms of Cytochrome P450 enyzmes which are characterized and compared with their human counterparts.

Coordinator: Anzenbacher
Coworkers: Anzenbacherová, Matal, Veinlichová
Collaboration: dr. Chmelík, dr. Řehulka (Brno), prof. Allmeier (Vienna), dr. Hatey (Toulouse), dr. Souček (Praha)

MSM 6198959216

(2006 - 2011, Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
"Modulation of signalling pathways in normal and cancer cells"
Studies on pharmacokinetics of potential new drugs in model animals; interaction with Cytochrome P450.

Coordinator: Anzenbacher
Coworkers: Anzenbacherová, Mašek, Veinlichová, Šiller
Collaboration: prof. Strnad (main coordinator), prof. Šimánek, prof. Ulrichová (Olomouc)

KAN 200200651

(2006 - 2010, Czech Academy of Sciences)
"Nanomaterials and supramolecular systems for drug targeting"
Interaction of nanomaterials and supramolecular systems with liver microsomal drug-metabolizing enzymes.

Coordinator: Anzenbacher
Coworkers: Mašek, Veinlichová, Anzenbacherová, Matal
Collaboration: prof. Říhová (main coordinator, Prague), prof. Král, prof. Ulbrich, dr. Horák (Prague), prof. Brabec (Brno)

GA ČR 305/04/0127

(2004 - 2006, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic)
“Interaction of acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with enzymes of drug metabolism”
Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates are imortant virostatic agents. Detailed study of their interaction with enzyme systems of cytochromes P450 is the subject of this project.

Coordinator: Zídek
Collaborations: Anzenbacher, Holý


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